This endpoint retrieves your Reviews and Questions.

Without a Type specified, the endpoint returns all of your Reviews and Questions similar to the Timeline section of your dashboard.

Filtering by Attributes

First, enable filtering on your attributes by navigating to Collection -> Attributes in your dashboard. Click the attributes you would like to enable filtering on and then enable filtering.

The attributes will then be added to the "filters" section of this endpoints response:

"filters": {
	"review_attributes": [{
		"id": 1747,
		"label": "Fit",
		"type": "centered-range",
		"values": [{
				"label": "Runs Small",
				"values": [
				"label": "True to Size",
				"values": [
				"label": "Runs Large",
				"values": [

The "filters" section contains "review_attributes" which are about the review, eg how well the product fits, and "reviewer_attributes" which are about the reviewer, eg what their size is.

To filter by "review_attributes" use the "review_attribute" parameter, to filter by "reviewer_attributes" use the "reviewer_attribute" parameter.

Some attribute types will include a "values" array, which is the values associated with a label.

These parameters are arrays and are keyed by the attribute. For example, to filter by reviews where the reviewer rated the product "True to size" you would use &review_attribute[1747]=3. To filter by reviews where the reviewer rated the product "Runs Small" you would use &review_attribute[1747]=1. You can specify multiple values by comma separating them eg &review_attribute[1747]=1,2 or &review_attribute[1747]=4,5.