Creates a new webhook. The webhook will trigger when a review is submitted with a POST request containing the following body:

    'id' : '(our unique identifer for the review)',
    'review_type' : '(company or product)',
    'order_id' : '(your reference for the reviewers purchase)',
    'rating' : '(1 to 5 star rating)',
    'comments' : '(review text)',
    'user' : {
        'name' : '(reviewers name)',
        'email_address' : '(reviewers email address)'
    'product' : {
        'sku' : '(sku of product being reviewed, only included for product reviews)'

The ID returned by this endpoint can later be used to remove the webhook using the Remove a review submitted Webhook endpoint.

Webhooks can also be created as part of an Invitation Flow in the dashboard.