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API Overview

The API lets you sync your store activity and related information to, including orders, product catalog information, customers, and others with a single API call. The API is available on our Plus package.

Your API Credentials
Your credentials are available in your dashboard under Integrations -> API.

Review Collection

Invite your customers to review the products and/or your company. Invitations are sent via email or sms message.


Queue Product and Company Reviews Invitations

Queue Product Reviews SMS Invitations or Company SMS Invitations

List and Edit Product Invitations or Company Invitations

Documentation: [Product Review Invitations] (

Documentation: [Company Review Invitations] (

Review Management


Tagging of Product or Company Reviews helps you to categorise and filter your reviews in your dashboard.

Webhooks can be used to send review data from our system to notify, or store in your database. The webhook will trigger when a review is submitted with a POST request.

Unsubscribe a user from invitation emails so they no longer receive communications.

Documentation: [Reviews Tagging] (

Documentation: [Unsubscribe Users] (

Documentation: [Webhook] (

Review Publishing

Use the following API calls to custom-publish reviews onsite if you are looking for a completely customised review display.

Retrieve Reviews and Questions for custom-build filter options

Create a new product review to publish reviews quicker

Retrieve Product Ratings or counts. This can be used to add rating stars to product listings or category pages.

Retrieve Basic Review Statistics such as total reviews or an overall score for a more detailed reporting

Documentation: [Reviews and Questions] (

Retrieve Review Nuggets to use anywhere on your site

Retrieve User Generated Content to leverage for other Marketing tools

List all Surveys or get a single survey retrieved to analyse the results in more detail

List and Submit Survey Responses from a given Survey ID

Documentation: [Review Nuggets] (

Documentation: [UGC] (

Documentation: [Surveys] (